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Qio-Tek Flight Controllers
SmartFleet systems is proud to be an official reseller of QioTek Flight Controllers and peripherals.

QioTek - Aerospace Technology
"We are a team of designers and developers that manufacture flight controllers and peripherals."
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Zealot H743

Based on an advanced version of the STM32H743 chip, this flight controller has been designed from the ground up for autonomous vehicles running ArduPilot.

QioTek ArduPilot partner

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Featured Videos

Zealot H743 Unboxing

Tim the Planeman unboxes the Zealot H743 Industrial Edition flight controller 

Wiring up the Zealot H743

Tim the Planeman shows how the Zealot H743 looks on the bench wired up to servos, airspeed sensor, pan/tilt, LIDAR and Express LRS 

Zealot H743 Configuration

Tim the Planeman shows how to configure ArduPilot parameters and configuration on the Zealot H743 Flight controller for servos, ExpressLRS, CAN digital airspeed sensor, LIDAR, retracts, Pan/Tilt

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Qio-Tek CANBus/DroneCAN 5033 Airspeed Sensor


Check out the new Digital DroneCAN airspeed sensor from Qio-Tek. CAN runs many times faster than UART speeds. 1,000,000 baud is standard. This sensor connects to the CAN port on the Zealot H743 "out of the box".

1,000,000 baud data speed
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