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Qio-Tek ASP5033 CAN Airspeed Sensor


CAN protocol 5033 Airspeed Sensor with pitot tube

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Brand: Qiotek
Item: Air speed meter
Weight: 0.06oz; 2 g
Type: ASP5033 Digital Air Speed Sensor- DroneCAN interface

Differential pressure sensor, digital output using CAN interface, the total error within the compensation range is less than 0.5%.

Automatic matching dynamic pressure & static pressure, Just the dynamic pressure and static pressure connected to the pitot tube are OK Adopts the GH1.25 terminal interface. The distribution terminal cable can be connected directly to the flight control CAN port.

Sensor: Automatic matching dynamic pressure & static pressure
Connection of the airspeed tube The pitot tube should be installed with the arrow pointing to the front of the aircraft. The silicon tubes connect the pitot tube to the board. It doesn't matter which tube goes to which opening, the board will automatically detect the static and dynamic pressure when the plane starts flying.

Differential Pressure Sensor board
ASP5033 is a prefect silicon pressure sensor module offering a digital IIC interface for reading differential pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temp.range.

Ranges: -20Pa…~+20kPa
Accuracy: +-0.2% Span
Total error band(TEB):0.5%
Over Pressure: 2X rated Temp.Accuracy: +-1℃
Power supply: 4.5-12V
Current consumption : <8uA(one time measurement)
Static Current: <120nA (25°C)
Operating Temperature:  -40°C~125℃
Temperature Accuracy: +-0.5@25.00 ℃

Package Includes:
1x ASP5033 Air Speed Meter & QMC5883 Compass CAN Module.
1x GH1.25 wire
1x Industrial grade UV resistant 3D printed pitot tube.