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M10S GPS module


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This improved GPS replaces the M8N GPS. Can be used with other flight controllers, but specifically designed to support the QioTek Zealot and Adept series flight controllers. The u-blox M10 platform delivers ultra-low power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor without sacrificing accuracy and availability. With less than 15mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity that cuts the time required to establish a position fix, the u-blox M10 platform is ideal for small battery-powered applications. The platform features advanced jamming, spoofing, and RF interference mitigation, as well as Super-S technology to boost performance in weak signal environments or when used with small antennas, making it ideal for compact product designs. See more information about the M10 here at the u-blox website: u-blox M10 ultra low power platform

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DroneCAN, TTL/Serial


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