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Qio-Tek Zealot H743 Flight Controller


Zealot H743 flight controller based on the STM32H743VIT6 processor. 2 MB flash and 1MB ram with 3x accelerometers, 2x barometers, a built in compass, 2x internal BECs to power the servo rail and IO ports separately from the main power. 14 x PWM outputs, 2x CAN port, 2x i2c ports, 2x GPS inputs and up to 5x UARTS. Built in/integrated analogue OSD. External safety switch/buzzer included. This advanced FC is fully compatible with Ardupilot 4.2.2 and above.

QioTek ArduPilot partner
QioTek is a proud ArduPilot partner
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The QioTek ZealotH743 is an internal vibration dampened autopilot with a protective CNC metal case for ruggedness. It features fully redundant sensors, an expanded number of outputs, temperature-controlled IMUs, and has an integrated AT7456E OSD chip. Available in 3 editions Standard, Industrial and Industry Application, you can select packages with and without GPS. Check the specs carefully - the Zealot-H743 has higher specs than many competitors!

The Zealot H743 supports all versions of Ardupilot from 4.2.0 including ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover, ArduSub.

QioTek ArduPilot partner
QioTek is a proud ArduPilot partner.


    • Processor:
      • MCU - STM32H743VIT6
      • 36KB FRAM - FM25V02
    • Standard Edition Sensors
      • Gyro/Accelerometers: ICM42688P, ICM40605, ICM20689
      • Barometers: DPS3018 *2
      • Compass: QMC5883L
    •  Industrial Edition Sensors
    •  Aero Applications Edition Sensors
    • Gyro/Accelerometers:
    • ADIS16470 (Analog Devices Industrial Application-level sensor)
      • This advanced IMU is very good for large aircraft and has good inertial navigation performance and a wide range of operating temperature.
    • IIM42652 (Invensense Industrial level sensor) and ICM42688P
    • Barometers: DPS3018 *2
    • Compass: QMC5883L
    • Power
      • 4.1-6.0V DC from USB (internal circuitry and RX only) or via 2 x PowerModule connectors, or via internal BEC off VBAT input pin. All 5V pins are powered when USB, or Power Module(s), or VBAT input is used.
      • Internal 5V, 1.5A internal BEC directly can be used with up to 6S LIPO batteries to supply board and peripheral power supply up to 1.5A max with voltage monitoring via BAT2 monitor(500ma max recommended).
      • ADC monitoring of board voltage
      • ADC monitoring of Servo/Output’s power rail

    • Interfaces/Connectivity
        • 14 PWM Outputs with independent power rail for external power source
        • 4 Relay outputs
        • MicroSD card slot
        • Micro USB or remote USB via a JST_GH connector
        • Built-in RGB LED (On three sides)
        • Built-in AT7456E OSD
        • FD-CAN interface *2
        • Two voltage & current monitoring and servo rail voltage monitoring(support to 36V)
        • Two ADC inputs(default one for RSSI, one for Airspeed sensor, both support to 6.6V)
        • Servo rail BEC independent power input for servos
        • Built-in BEC (6S 1.5A) power input (share power2 module voltage monitoring)
        • UART interface *5

      Included "in the box"
      • External safety Switch/Buzzer
      • External 60V/14S power module
      • i2c/CAN splitter board
      • Cables
      • 16G SD Card for logging, scripts and terrain data
      • Mounting tape
      • USB-C/Standard USB cable


    • Weight 65g
    • Size 42mm x 65mm x 25mm
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Four heater resistors are built on the IMU board of the ZealotH743 and their total power is about 1W. At present, main autopilot heaters have similar power. When the ambient temperature is too low, the 1W heater is not enough to keep the IMU board at high-level temperature heating in a low-temperature environment. Fortunately, the temperature range of our sensor ICM series is - 40-85 ° C, and the temperature range of the IIM sensor is - 40-125 ° C. The heater can keep the IMU board in the range where the sensor samples and maintains the adaptive temperature so that its sampling temperature drift is acceptable.

ICM-42688-P Datasheet


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Aero Application, Industrial, Standard


M8N GPS, no GPS, u-blox M10 GPS